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We are small business specialists because we are a small business, too. We are committed to offering you across-the-board range of services to assist your business as it transitions through its business life.


Performance Measurement

To know where your business is going tomorrow, you need to know where it stands today!  Our Performance Management Reporting service provides visibility into the financial health of your business, by measuring performance against key business drivers and comparison to industry benchmarks. You will get to identify reasons for under performance, understand customer and supplier behaviour; and gain the clarity you need to make informed, tactical business decisions and identify the elements to improve profitability.

Business Analysis

Are you highlighting trends in the market to evaluate growth opportunities?  Our Business Analyst service will assist you to do just that and assess your ongoing risk exposure; in order to adjust your business planning activities accordingly.  A dynamic, realistic business plan is a good start towards sustainable growth; and should include a strategic roadmap to success, with blueprints for finances, marketing, registration, compliance, employer obligations and realistic timelines. 

Business Strategic Planning

A healthy business is underpinned by a creative business strategy.   Our Business Strategy service challenges the fundamentals of your business model and focuses on essential long-term strategic and financial planning to help you outline a viable path towards achieving your business goals.  Having clear directions, the day-to-day goal-setting becomes straightforward and more achievable.

Business Structure Review

People are the core of any business, and it’s essential that they’re motivated, knowledgeable and equipped to succeed.  Our Business Restructuring service focuses on more than just asset protection and tax planning; it discovers new ways of technology-enabled working, linking this with people and your business strategy.  You will gain a sense of the impact of culture on your business outcomes, by focusing on the people in your organisation; and how you can enjoy the power of more productive employees, whilst generating opportunities for succession planning.

Forecasting and Budgeting

Looking ahead is essential in business, which is why cash flow budgeting, planning, forecasting and tracking are so important. Our Cash Flow Management service provides you with budgeting and planning tools; we conduct ongoing cost analysis and pinpoint problem spending to help cut waste and provide cashflow that can be deployed effectively; so that you can find opportunities for expansion without unexpected bumps in the road.

Sounding Board

Small business owners may feel isolated, not having someone who knows their business to turn to for advice. We listen to your ideas, work with you to help you understand what you need to do to succeed and hold you accountable to achieving your goals.  Access to a trusted, financial professional with commercial skills can benefit a business in both its start-up and growth phase. A vCFO fulfills the role of an executive coach; that otherwise would be unaffordable to small and medium-sized businesses! This could both develop leadership and help your business evolve.

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We have always received the highest level of assistance and advice from Beweiszer accounting. It will be a partnership that continues for many years to come!

Rachael Moorhouse

Tomas and his team have always offered a great service for my business. Their practice delivers accurate advice on time, every time. They have never let us down.

Lloyd Stephens

My wife and I keep coming back to BeWeiszer. We’ve found them friendly, attentive, helpful and were able to steer us through our business and tax decisions with professionalism.

Gary Morgan